The End Time E​.​P.

by Blades Of Malice



7 songs recorded at Forman Performance Studio. 1st official album. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL MASTERED MIX....we are still working on finishing touches within the album.


released April 15, 2013

Dale Cargill- Vox/Rhythm Guitar
Matthew "Stonewall" Beahm- Bass
Karl Krueger- Lead Guitar
Brian Forman- Drums/Production

*Guest solo on Born To Suffer by Austin Nathaniel Ellis*
*Guest vocals/lyrics on Ascending The Throne by Daniel Cooley of Cyaegha*



all rights reserved


Blades Of Malice Harrisonburg, Virginia

Blades Of Malice is a hybrid of thrash/death/hardcore/power-groove. Influenced by Exodus, Testament, Overkill, Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Kreator, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Exhorder, Pantera.

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Track Name: Just A Disease
N/A currently
Track Name: Cold Grave
*Here's a snippet*

Living inside him and trying to find it another way into his veins
Mangled and hollow his skins turning yellow outside of his body in pain....
Welcome to the edge of your life....this could be the end of it all...this could've been me...Lift it up to the sky....Lift it up into the sky again...
Track Name: Born To Suffer
N/A Currently
Track Name: The Crawling Chaos (Nyarlathothep)
Here's a snippet...

Tragedy... our world is ending in tragedy...
malignant divinity...tragedy... from the iniquitous void...
morbidity howling from ....
...the blackened pit......rotting away deep inside of it...our moribund existence...antiquitous...from the cavernous ruins....The Crawling Chaos!
Track Name: Ascending The Throne
N/A Currently
Track Name: End Time
N/A currently
Track Name: The Trendkiller?
*Here's a short snippet*

Everywhere we go it's the same old bull-shit
... fake redneck "pop-country" hits
Jason Aldean, another faggot country queen
on his knee's sucking dick
with all the hipsters in the indie music scene,
American Idols that Dance With The Stars,
and gangster rappers rolling in pimped out cars,
Dimebag he wrote the fucking book,
December 8th, 2004 the heavens shook